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Vacation, Disappointment, Birthday and White Trashiness

Lots going on since the last set of pictures. I was on vacation for an additional 2 weeks, one of them paid, the other an unpaid furlough. Kendra and I have both been sick, so there’s definitely less pictures recently.

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North Carolina

After spending time in Baltimore with my family we drove down to North Carolina to spend time with Kendra’s grandparents. The seven hour drive down there actually wasn’t too bad, Levi did a good job. Once there I had a

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More pumpkins and such

We decorated the pumpkin Levi helped pick out last night. I decided we would defer full decorating until next year when Levi can really enjoy it. This year we went with the plug in Mr. Potato Head style decoration. We

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Levi Says, “Go Texas!”

Kendra’s company has always done a good job having events for their employees. They’re horrible at setting down good fair rules for any games played at the events, but that’s another matter. This year they had their picnic on site

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