Levi Says, “Go Texas!”

Kendra’s company has always done a good job having events for their employees. They’re horrible at setting down good fair rules for any games played at the events, but that’s another matter. This year they had their picnic on site at JSC and had Red River BBQ for lunch. It was awesome food and we had a lot of fun. Here’s Levi and I in one of the bouncers after all the bigger kids were done. He loves to bounce and I can see a big future for him bouncing like a mad man in these.

Levi is a big UT fan, here he is sporting the whole outfit, complete with shoes. His main interest in shoes when they are put on him is chewing on them. When you try to put shoes on him he curls his toes, making it harder to get them on him. This of course has the side
Levi has seen a number of football games in his life. Heck, he watched the Pro Bowl with us in the Hospital the day after he was born. He still hadn’t been to a game yet. This week our high school, Clear Creek, was playing the one we now live in the district of, Dickinson. One of our friends also works at Dickinson, so we decided to go to the game. He had a lot of fun at it, enjoying all the people watching, noise and lights.
However, by the end of the first half he was getting tired, so you can see he has a pacifier in and a blank stare on his face in this group self portrait. Dickinson won the game by the way, not that we were disappointed. Creek was pretty lame when we were there.

Levi loves to go outside. He loves the breeze and all the new things to look at. One day when I got home from work I saw him hanging out with Kendra on the front lawn. He was really enjoying himself with a big grin. Here we are smiling at each other and enjoying the beautiful weather.
As we’ve said before, Levi is a big fan of standing up. He still can’t sit up on his own, but he is convinced that he should stand all the time. He also likes to stick his tongue out. A lot of times he is feeling his teeth.The other new development is Levi’s awesome new toy. He has always liked to bounce when people hold him. He’s also love the jumpers at church. Kendra ended up getting one used for an awesome price from someone, so now Levi has his own. Its a ton of fun to watch him in it. He will bounce forever. Several times he’s been near exhaustion, but he just won’t let himself stop. At church when he was younger he would bounce in them until he fell asleep from exhaustion.
I’m sure Kendra will post more pictures soon. She has several others of her family hanging out with Levi, so I leave those to her. She also takes some good ones on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they are hanging out at home.

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