Wooldridges visit

The Wooldridge family came for a visit a few weeks ago.  We generally only get to see them about once a year, but its fun watching the kids grow up.
Peyton and Kendalynn have Nintendo DSs and Levi felt left out, so I let him play with mine.
Here’s the whole crowd vegging out on electronics.
They sure make good pacifiers in the car.
 We went to the beach again this time.  Its been a while since we’ve gone to the beach with them, and we had a lot of fun.
This time Melissa, Kendra and Trudy’s roommate from college was able to come with her little girl and husband Justin.  We saw Justin at an Astros game the week before, but Melissa wasn’t there, so this was a great chance for them to all see each other.
I have found that digging a big hole in the sand and then putting some water in it creates a self sustaining busying action for the kids.  They played in that hole almost the whole time, much like our last visit.
 All cleaned up and about to head to dinner.  Kendalyn posed for the camera.
An actual smile for the camera.
Peyton, waiting for everyone to finish getting ready.
 The big kids.  Melissa’s family had to leave earlier in the day, so they weren’t around for this shot.

Our spot on the beach.

There was seaweed, but we survived.  You can see our path we cleared out some.
 Kids just love getting in our dog’s houses.
They were playing hide and seek and this became their joke.
We went to the health museum in Houston the next day.  They have a bunch of puzzles in their main lobby, so we were playing with them.
 They had a dance game to teach about strengthening of bones based on exercise.  Levi was surprisingly good.
They had another thing where you could pick out facial features to make a custom face.
 This is what the kids collectively made hollering out options to me.
 After the museum and lunch we went to the Chocolate Bar.  That went over pretty well.
 Finally we went to see Brave.  This turned out to not be a good idea as the movie is aimed at a much higher age than previous Pixar movies.  Levi was actually crying about the mom in the movie.
 Got them posing for some pictures on our stairs.
 This devolved into wrestling.
 This is Levi’s standard pose for pictures.
 Kendra and Trudy.
 Me showing the kids how the trundle bed collapses.
 And finally, Levi hiding in the laundry we had to do after we went back to our normal boring lives.
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One comment on “Wooldridges visit
  1. Glad you liked the Faces! exhibit. That is one of mine in the museum.