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End of the Summer

Well, its the end of the summer, at least officially, though the temperatures are in the 80s still here this week.  Its funny how our highs drop out of the mid to high nineties and everyone celebrates. A while back

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Vacation, Disappointment, Birthday and White Trashiness

Lots going on since the last set of pictures. I was on vacation for an additional 2 weeks, one of them paid, the other an unpaid furlough. Kendra and I have both been sick, so there’s definitely less pictures recently.

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Two months later

I hadn’t realized it had been so long since my last post, so here comes a lot of pictures. Sorry, not all of them are about Levi. We haven’t been taking our camera with us as much lately. We haven’t

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Change We Need.

College football deserves change. I have talked about a college football playoff system in the past here and here. The top level of college football has an insane system of random people voting, computers voting and then bowls where the

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