Vacation, Disappointment, Birthday and White Trashiness

Lots going on since the last set of pictures. I was on vacation for an additional 2 weeks, one of them paid, the other an unpaid furlough. Kendra and I have both been sick, so there’s definitely less pictures recently.

Here’s a cute shot of him on his slide. When he’s in the mood he loves to take pictures. When he’s not don’t even bother.
Hamming it up with mommy for a self portrait.
Look at the fascination in his eyes. Is it any wonder the tree had to be taken down a few days ahead of schedule. A few ornaments also had to be fixed with super glue.
Here’s Levi with Granddaddy on New Years Eve. They hung out and played while mommy and daddy went to a party with friends. Thanks for watching him Mimi and Granddaddy.
Here’s Mimi with Levi once again with a silly smile.
Here he is playing with some wooden blocks he got, next to his football chair.
I got something shipped to me recently that came packed in the big bubble wrap. Levi didn’t know what it was, but he figured it out fast. I would hold up a single bubble and he would squeeze it to pop it. We literally went through every single one of them in one sitting. It was a fun 20 minutes. We have video, but I need to resize it so I can upload it.
Here’s Kendra and I before the college “national championship” game. We were happy until 2 minutes into the game when Texas’ quarterback was injured and our freshman backup who had essentially never played had to take over. Definitely a hollow victory for the other team. I do find it funny the freshman almost brought Texas back into it before his mistakes took it away. Not a bad outlook for the future. Alabama then proved themselves classless by running up the score with a touchdown with only a minute left. Pretty classless when the main reason you had it so easy was you injured a member of the other team.
Here’s Levi before the game.
We had Doritos and he was a big fan. They were all over his face.
Here we are hanging out in the recliner.
Here’s a shot of Levi in his cute new sweater. We don’t normally have much call for warm weather gear here. As I type this it is 70 degrees outside. However, on this day it was just barely above freezing in Houston.
We went out to eat at Maggiano’s in Houston for Matt’s birthday. Great food and a good time, except Levi got impatient about halfway through, so we had to tag team taking him outside. That’s the only problem with a yummy multi-course meal.
Levi really liked the dessert.
Here’s Matt and his wife Jennifer.
Levi, Uncle Matt and Bob. Levi is still talking about Bob and his girlfriend Amy. Every time we talk about Uncle Matt he asks about them.
Here’s the whole group together outside.
During my abundant time off I decided not to shave much. This is a shot before I trimmed up. My mustache is basically blond, while my chin is covered in red. My neck grows in brown. I am essentially a calico.
Since my company furloughed us I decided to return with a white trash mustache. Here it is in all its funky glory. It did not remain for long. I am not clean shaven, at least for a little while.
One day Levi went to the park to play in the afternoon. The only problem was this happened during his normal naptime. When he got home he didn’t want to nap, even though he was miserably tired. After an hour of screaming and negotiating he finally fell asleep. We had to wake him up to keep some sort of schedule. Of course at this point he was raging angry from hunger and his schedule being off.
Funny enough, the thing that saved us was these two Longhorn sippy cups and his Space Shuttle fork and spoon. They calmed him down and got him to eat. After that he was fine. Ahh the mind of a toddler.

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