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Summer Wrap up

Way behind on posts.  Time to catch up some. Here’s a shot of Levi with a balloon dragon at a birthday party.  It didn’t last very long with a rough and tumble boy. Here’s a shot of Hunter Pence, a

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Fun and Games

We went to an Astros game in April and they had a mini car show going on outside.  There was a green car with a little M&Ms theme going on, so we thought we’d take a picture with Levi, who

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More summer fun

We saw two more concerts in July of this year after the Hawk Nelson one.  The first was a band called Seventh Day Slumber.  They are a rock band that does praise and worship, general rock and even Spanish songs. 

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So I’m sitting at work, doing working things this morning when I get a call. Having caller ID I know its Kendra. I pick up and she’s all kinds of excited. “He’s got a tooth!”, she says. We knew he

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