Summer Wrap up

Way behind on posts.  Time to catch up some.
Here’s a shot of Levi with a balloon dragon at a birthday party.  It didn’t last very long with a rough and tumble boy.

Here’s a shot of Hunter Pence, a former Astros player who was Levi’s favorite.  Levi actually cried when he heard the Astros had traded Pence.  I haven’t watched a single game, worn my Astros hat or anything since then.  As far as I am concerned that team is dead to me.  They’ll have to earn back my trust and fandom.  For now I’m a Rangers fan, which worked out well since they’ve been awesome this year.

Here’s Levi with Mimi and Granddaddy.

Levi wanted a better view.

All together

Big grin

After the game there was a David Crowder*Band concert, one of the main reasons we came to this particular game.

Kendra says I can’t grow a beard like David Crowder.  Not sure why she’s so against it.

Self portrait.

The whole group.

Here we are at Chuy’s after dinner one night, I like the self portrait with the shades.

Levi got a new bike that fits him better.  He gets to go faster on it, so he likes that.

 Here we are riding together.

More posts coming, but it was a busy summer.
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