So I’m sitting at work, doing working things this morning when I get a call. Having caller ID I know its Kendra. I pick up and she’s all kinds of excited. “He’s got a tooth!”, she says. We knew he was going to be getting them soon. His gums on one side were harder and he has been chewing on that one side a ton. He’s also been drooling a LOT more and been more fussy this week. Now we have a firm reason why. I guess its breaking through because Kendra felt it today. There’s only one as far as I know, so I guess he’s just toothing right now. We’ll probably move on to teething before long I’m sure. No pictures because he won’t hold still long enough.

On a related note he has apparently decided to adopt the baby bird method of feeding. He opens and closes his mouth constantly while making noises as we prepare his food. Its quite cute, but hard to capture. I’ll have to try to get video of it soon.

Today is also Levi’s second Astros game. Kendra got free tickets from a coworker who couldn’t go since its a day game. Kendra’s cousin Krista is in town, so the two of them are going with Levi. Kendra’s mom is also going to the game, but sitting somewhere else. Hopefully the Astros will win, like they did for Levi’s first game.

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