Fun and Games

We went to an Astros game in April and they had a mini car show going on outside.  There was a green car with a little M&Ms theme going on, so we thought we’d take a picture with Levi, who loves M&Ms.

 We also got a shot of the Astros Mickey Mouse.

 And here’s Levi’s new hat.  Its pretty cool, though I don’t think they ever used it in games.

 The field from our seats.

 Levi had a great time.

 He got to wear his cool new Hunter Pence shirt, who is now his favorite player.

 Levi’s favorite part of the game, the Taco Bell sauce packet races.

 And Hunter Pence.

 After the game, Levi is enjoying his sucker.

 My favorite author, Patrick Rothfuss, released a new book recently.  He had a photo contest a long time back and with the new book decided to do it again.  Here are my entries:
Levi loves the new book, but he has a few questions.

 Now get back to work on that third book!

 Levi also went to a birthday party at Jumping Jungle.

 Group picture.  It was Levi’s friend Brooke’s birthday party.

 Levi really likes his Woody slipper boots.  They are a size too small, but he even sleeps in them.

 Kendra’s coworker Eric has a little girl named Erica, on the left, who recently turned 1.  Levi went to her birthday party too.  They had a special pinata that you pull the strands on instead of hitting.

 And they also had yummy cupcakes.

 For mother’s day we went to a restaurant called Big Daddy’s Gumbo (I think).  We were disappointed in it, but we enjoyed ourselves anyways.

 Later we went over to uncle Matt’s house to hang out.

 Uncle Matt, Mommy and Mimi as taken by Levi.

 A better shot (kinda) as taken by Granddaddy.

 Watching some TV.

 My mom’s retirement age birthday (you figure it out) was this year, so we met some people for dinner at La Brisa, Levi’s favorite restaurant.

 Here’s my mom and my step dad George.

 And my mom’s pretty cake.  Her favorite color is purple and Levi kept that in mind when he picked it out.

 Our church has a water play day once a year as part of its community building efforts.  This year we went and had some good fun.  Levi wasn’t eager to get wet at first, that resulted in me dumping him in this water.  After that he had lots of fun.

 For this one he liked me to super man toss him halfway down the slide on his belly.

 Here’s our friend Will and his son Nathaniel going down another slide.

 And Levi with Corey and Aiden having some ice cream.

 Natalie and Nathaniel.

 Lots of kids out playing on our street now a days.  Here’s Sadie, Caroline and Barbara from left to right.  Caroline and Barbara just moved.

 The girls like Levi.  They kept trying to take a picture with him, but he kept taking off before that oculd happen.

 Another attempt.

 Best shot yet.

 The dogs weren’t sure what was going on.

 Levi kept hiding behind the rose bush until he pricked himself.

 Levi’s school has a small end of year chapel program we went to.

 He sat next to one of his buddies that is no longer going to school there.

 And they took pictures of each other.

 Though Levi didn’t want to share the camera.

Still some more pictures coming, but there’s another batch.

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