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A Mouth Full of Pain

Levi can use straws now. He wants to do so whenever psosible. Here he is using a straw to his advantage.He likes juice boxes. He can drink one at a single sitting.Levi also likes pizza. Here he is taking care

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So I’m sitting at work, doing working things this morning when I get a call. Having caller ID I know its Kendra. I pick up and she’s all kinds of excited. “He’s got a tooth!”, she says. We knew he

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Drink a little juice, Sing a little song

Levi has mastered eating solids, so we’ve decided to move on to juice from a sippy cup. The nozzle on it is hard, so its very different from a bottle. He had some trouble with this, and what you see

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The Deal

So as I’ve said before, Levi is eating solids now. However, he doesn’t always do a great job of it. He makes a lot of noise and grumbles at me. After spending 30 minutes trying to feed him several times

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