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One year pictures

We finally got Levi’s one year pictures taken. He was always running into something, or someone was sick or some other reason. Now that he’s basically 14 months we got them taken. Here they are. Levi saw an apple sitting

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6 Months of Cute

Behold, the glory that is Levi and his 6 month pictures. Last month we got a shot of me holding his feet up. It wasn’t intentional, she just took the picture when I was trying to get him to grab

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Five Month Pictures

Today, in honor of Levi’s Five month birthday I have pictures. These were taken at JC Penney’s where they have finally gone digital and with a free camera so they can move around. It allowed us to get some great

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4 Month Pictures

Today we’re going to go get his 5 month pictures taken, but here’s his 4 month ones, which I just remembered to put up. Here he is with a great grin.He got a little distracted on this one.This is a

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