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Cute kid, eh?

Here’s Levi in his Go Redneck outfit. They call it “Go Texan” day and want everyone to wear boots and such. I’m a Texan and I don’t do that normally, so I call it Go Redneck, since that’s what they

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Randomness and Birthday Preview

Yes, there will be birthday party pictures, but I had some other ones I wanted to get out of the way. Levi has a camo hat he got at a baby shower. Its got the logo on it. He

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Lasers and a Date

Levi is a very observant kid. He noticed us playing with the pets using a laser pointer, so we decided to get him involved. Here it is on his tray for his high chair. He thought that was a lot

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End of the Year wrapup 2

Kendra’s brother Matt left his sun glasses here at Christmas, so Levi decided to wear them and send him a picture to let him know where they were. We have a picture of Levi a long time ago with the

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