Lasers and a Date

Levi is a very observant kid. He noticed us playing with the pets using a laser pointer, so we decided to get him involved. Here it is on his tray for his high chair.

He thought that was a lot of fun.
Here is Levi wearing a Texas Longhorns outfit the day after we beat Ohio in our bowl game.
Levi has been spending a lot of time practicing walking. Here he is pushing his lion walker into the love seat. He doesn’t have backing up and turning figured out yet.
We have a new gate in our house to keep Levi from getting into the dining room without us. This also keeps him out of the bathroom and the cat’s litter box, which is a good thing. Here he is looking like a tortured prisoner with a smile. Notice the awesome choice of clothes, a diaper and a sock, that’s it.
Here’s Levi wearing his Citadel shirt. His Grandpa went there for college.
I don’t know what was going on here. I think he’s about to throw his ball. Great view of the shirt.
Levi is now playing with Lego Duplos. He is mainly using them to bang on each other and throw. He also chews on them and destroys things we build. He has figured out putting them back in the container, so that’s cool.
Here he is using the lid of the Duplo container to bang on the container.
Here’s Levi on his playdate with Olivia. They’re both cuties. They were using plastic spoons as drumsticks to bang on things. Occasionally that meant each other, but they also got a cat once.
Levi took Olivia to lunch. They didn’t go far, just to the kitchen, but they had their staff to take care of things for them.
Levi got a ball popper that shoots balls into the air. They loved playing with it. Levi will stand up and try to look down it and have the air blow in his face. Its really funny. The best part for us is watching him stand on his own. He can do it for around 30 seconds at times. The only thing really limiting him is when he realizes nothing is holding him up. Other than that he is fine.
Tyler decided he wanted to play with the balls, so he would reach down into the tube to try and get them.
The two of them took a nap and somewhere in there, perhaps at a diaper change, Levi’s pants came off. Other than the suggestive sound of that I promise you he was a complete gentleman. They both were standing up playing. Olivia still needs help to stand, and Levi needs convincing. He has decided crawling is faster so its hard to get him to stand unless he has a specific reason.
That’s all I have for now, but there’s some cute shots in there, so it should hold everyone for a bit. I’m sure Kendra will post some more too.

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