End of the Year wrapup 2

Kendra’s brother Matt left his sun glasses here at Christmas, so Levi decided to wear them and send him a picture to let him know where they were. We have a picture of Levi a long time ago with the glasses on, so this was a nice reenactment.

Levi was wandering around playing the other night when he wandered into the dining room where we are storing his toys and walked out with one. He was walking around with his truck walker. He was leading it with the front, but it worked fine. He was doing a great job, so we got a shot to document it.
On New Years Eve we were all sitting around playing Apples to Apples when Tyler decided to join us. He decided he’d buddy up with Matt and share a spot since all the chairs were taken. Here he is with a great expression. Kind of a “Hey guys, what’s up”.
We have a laser pointer we use to play with the pets. Levi has enjoyed watching them play. Today he got to try to figure out what that light was. He’s still not sure. We’ll get to the physics later.
Can’t seem to grab it!

Pushing his lion walker he got from Grandma. He was doing really well.

Really well until he got tired of it and wanted to do something else. Then nothing could convince him to keep going. He had done 5 laps or so between us.

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