Randomness and Birthday Preview

Yes, there will be birthday party pictures, but I had some other ones I wanted to get out of the way.

Levi has a camo hat he got at a baby shower. Its got the geocaching.com logo on it. He was only wearing a diaper and we though a camo hat would make that the perfect redneck baby outfit.
The other day I was chilling with Levi when Tyler decided to jump up for a lap. He quickly changed his mind, but I held on to him for a bit so Levi could pet him.
Levi has a 12 month size pirate shirt, so we had to take a picture of it.
Here’s a party teaser, some balloons we put outside on one of Levi’s toys to make it easier for people to know which house. We couldn’t put them on the mailbox or anywhere further out because of the wind.
In the background here you can see the bouncer we got for the part. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble from someone for this picture, but Bailey was getting in trouble for digging on our door, so I posed for a triumphant picture with my captured beagle. He knew he was in trouble and had run around the bouncer a few times trying to escape me.

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