Drink a little juice, Sing a little song

Levi has mastered eating solids, so we’ve decided to move on to juice from a sippy cup. The nozzle on it is hard, so its very different from a bottle. He had some trouble with this, and what you see below was about the best we got.
Levi is sitting up really well now, he still occasionally falls, but not much anymore. Of course the depth finder on our camera is this red light that always throws him off. He was making a happy face right until this picture was taken.
This shirt is great.
After talking to a friend with an older kid we got a different brand of sippy cup with a soft part on it. He did a lot better with that and has drank a few times.
We’ve been watching a lot of Olympic coverage this week and last. Here’s a shot of Tyler watching as well. He’s a big fan of TV. Here he is wishing he was that fast.
Friends of ours have Rock Band for the PS3 and we play it every week over at their house. One week Kendra was sick and so I had to carry Levi while I sang. He actually enjoyed it a lot and tried to sing the whole time. This week Kendra was there, so she got pictures of him singing with me. He loves it.
Lots of singers have the mike in their mouth when they sing, Levi is no different. Of course he’s not singing much.

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