A Mouth Full of Pain

Levi can use straws now. He wants to do so whenever psosible. Here he is using a straw to his advantage.
He likes juice boxes. He can drink one at a single sitting.
Levi also likes pizza. Here he is taking care of some pizza crust.
Levi also likes music. Here he is banging away on a house with a maraca. This is at his buddy Erik’s birthday party. He loves making noise.
Birthday cake is good. A lot more supervision for this one. He only gets free reign for his birthday, so he has to wait a while for that.
Not too messy.
Levi and Erik played together at the party.
Levi got a truck for his birthday from his mommy’s friend Misty. He is starting to figure it out.
Levi found the EZ Cheese that we forgot to put up.
Levi is teething right now. Not just a little bit. He has at least three molars coming in, and at least three other teeth that we can see. At first we thought he had two bottom teeth coming in. Then we saw another on top. Then we saw a molar. Later we finally convinced him to let us feel his gums. We found another molar coming in. Today I felt another molar coming in. Poor guy. His gums are red where the other molar should be coming in. I suppose he could have eight teeth coming in. Needless to say he’s not very happy about it. Here he is chewing on a frozen chew toy to soothe his gums.
I suppose on the plus side he is getting it all over with at once.
Levi had a really busy week last week. He turned 1, got a bunch of teeth started, took his first steps and got to turn his car seat around. Here he is passed out facing forward. Its hard to have so many milestones in one week and not be sleepy I guess.
Hopefully this week will improve, though probably with the help of some ibuprofen. He’s doing pretty well considering his whole mouth has to hurt from teething.

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