Change We Need.

College football deserves change. I have talked about a college football playoff system in the past here and here. The top level of college football has an insane system of random people voting, computers voting and then bowls where the public opinion of the best teams play each other. Sound like a stupid system? It is. Worse yet, it often doesn’t come out with a champion that is the consensus best team. This year there is more of that problem. Right now there are three major unbeaten teams. Alabama, Penn State and Texas Tech. Alabama has a tough schedule, playing in the SEC against very good teams. If they win out they will have played one of the toughest schedules in the nation. Texas Tech has the same thing in the Big 12. In both cases it is doubtful they will win out, just because of the difficulty of doing so. Texas Tech has two games coming up against top 10 teams. Alabama will play at least two more highly ranked teams as well. Penn State on the other hand is in the Big 10, the conference that cannot count.

The Big 10 has eleven teams in it. More significantly it doesn’t have very many highly ranked, tough teams in it. This means Penn State has a relatively easy schedule in comparison, making it much easier to go undefeated. Also, like the Pac 10 it doesn’t have a championship game. Only conferences with 12 teams are required to. This provides them a lot of money, but it also provides their best teams with one more chance to lose and then miss out on the national championship game. The Big 10 (11?) and Pac 10 teams have it easy. They play a lot of easy games, then automatically get a championship without having to play another good team. Must be nice.

This is where a playoff comes in. A playoff lets all of these supposed top teams work it out on the field. Most importantly, the new President wants a playoff. Heck, one of the coaches from a lame conference even wants one. He realizes being in a week conference has begun to hurt his team. After Ohio State going to the championship game and getting beat down multiple times people are more wary of sending a Big 10 or Pac 10 team. A playoff gives them a chance to prove themselves. I don’t think it will actually happen, but it is certainly “Change We Need”

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