Swim Lessons

This summer Levi took swim lessons.  It was a great deal that really worked out.  Our neighbors had moved to a new house not that long before, but had not yet sold their house.  We had been using their pool and just watching out for any problems with the house.  Another friend had found someone who could do swim lessons, but needed a site.  We asked our neighbors and they were okay with it, so we had lessons next door.  It was great.
I can’t remember the names of the teachers off hand, but Levi really liked the girl and preferred her over the guy for pretty much the whole 5 day class.  Big surprise there.  Here’s him kicking along.  That’s his friend Olivia on the side there.

Here’s Levi jumping in.

Here’s the whole class.

Levi swimming to the side of the pool.

Levi and another little boy, Will, were very similar and kept rough housing and splashing each other.

Here they are all at the deep end.

Here’s Levi swimming to his teacher.

In mid air.  He definitely perfected the belly flop.

Here they are all lined up to learn how to swim by themselves to the side of the pool so they could learn how to get out.

Not sure if the videos will work, but they do require Quicktime if there is trouble.
Still more to catch up, but I’m on my way.
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