Sea World

Blogger got some pictures out of order and I am too lazy to fix the order.
Funny stuff, a clip of one of the shows.

And another one of the shows.

Family shot inside the park entrance not too long before we left the park.  

 Levi in the water play area having lots of fun.

 Kendalyn playing in the water.

 Riding the merry go round.

 Peyton, Kendalyn and Levi on the shuttle bus back to the hotel.

 The entrance.

 The kids at the entrance.

 The boys mapping out a plan of attack on the first day.

 Checking out the sharks.

 Does he look hungry?

 It was hot and he didn’t nap much, this is a tired face.

 Levi didn’t want his picture taken, but everyone else was fine.

 This was in line for one of the rides Levi could actually do.  His first roller coaster.

 Cute little pose by Kendalyn.

 The ride.

 Hoping off after the second pass.

 Levi with his mouth full of ice cream.

 An Orca.

 Showing off.

 Levi and one of the mascot things.

 Kendalyn with 2 more.

 Dolphins begging for fish.

 Me, me, me!

 An otter during one of the shows.

 A sea lion in his office.


 That’s the new guy on the left.

 Look, a killer whale!

 Upside down!


 Penguins swimming around.

 Alligators and a finger tip.

 Part of the Azul show.  Don’t sit near this guy.

 Levi loved this show.

 A beluga whale.  Levi really liked these guys.

 Dolphin flying.

 People getting ready to fly.

 And flying.

 Kendalyn with one of the performers.  She’s a synchronized swimmer.

 Levi talking to one of the performers.

 Oooh a beluga whale!

 The only way he’d take a picture with them was sticking his tongue out and of course its kinda blurry.

 Watching the killer whale show with his ice cream dippin dots (Thanks Mrs. Trudy.

 Trudy and Kendalyn.

 Me and Levi.

 Before Trudy, Woodrow, Peyton and Kendalyn went back home we met up with Stephanie and her kids at a park.  Stephanie is a friend of ours from high school.

 One of the few shots of Peyton.  Not sure why I didn’t end up with more of them.

 Stephanie’s son Noah.


 The boys of course wandered in to the woods and got some sticks to play with.

 The next day our family went back to Sea World one more time.  We watched Azul again.  Here’s that guy you don’t want to sit next to.

 Here he is, the main guy.

 The sea lions enjoying the sun.

 I guess that’s a happy face.



 The show.

 Elmo sea lion.

 The otter showing off his skills.

 A walrus!

 That is one big mammal.

 Levi enjoying more ice cream.  This was quite a mess.

 As you can tell.

 Heading to a ride.

 Ready to go.

 The exit.

 Levi wasn’t so agreeable to a photo.

 Except with mommy.  Later we got the one at the top.

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