Pumpkins and Ducks

Levi hates pumpkin patches apparently. That or he was just really sleepy. He cried most of the time we were there. If we set him down he was not happy at all as you can see in the picture. If we picked him up he would do okay.
Sitting down with him didn’t work either. Here he is explaining the problem to us.
Here we are picking out a pumpkin. He’s not doing too bad here because I’m holding him and we’re not sitting.
Here’s Levi playing with his group of ducks. The yellow one is Angry Duck, due to its eyebrows. The green one is Hulk Duck, cause its green. Also in the picture are Police Duck, being chewed on, Pirate Duck floating off screen and Tigger at the top. Now that he’s in the full tub instead of in a little tub he can have the whole group. He’s always had Angry Duck with him. Angry Duck has overseen every bath Levi has had.
Another shot of the group. Notice Levi’s modesty wash cloth. Can’t post naughty pictures online. We’ll save those for blackmail with girlfriends later.

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