We went over to our friend’s house to celebrate Easter a little early.  We painted eggs and had a lot of fun.

 There were different styles in the painting.  Gus was more of a dunk using your hands and get dyed in the process kind of guy.

 Evey was delegating and Levi was getting distracted a lot.

 Tom was the designated egg holder.

 Some finished products.

 Some mess.

 The day before Easter we had a little egg hunt at our house with Kendra’s dad and step mother.  We started at our house and then went to a hunt at a nearby church.

 Here’s Levi checking out a gift he got.

 Its a bunch of toy frogs and a carrier for them.

 Also a slip and slide.

 When hunting he kept opening each egg and inspecting the contents.

 Some got hidden in out of the way places.

 The new toy has been very popular.

 And he had a lot of fun at the egg hunt.

 Plus a little time on the playground afterwards.

 And some face painting as well.

 A dinosaur!

 And a picture with the Easter bunny.

 Later there was some time for a little bit of baseball.

 Levi loves playing baseball.

 A hit!

 Sitting with Nana and Paw Paw.

 Levi’s basket from us.

 Hunting at Mimi and Granddaddy’s house on Easter.

 Trying out some of the treats.

 Playing a little croquet.

 Granddaddy and Mimi with Levi.

 Grandpa and Sandra with Levi.  Grandpa and Grandma got Levi a sword and shield for Easter.  Its been taking away a few times, but he has started doing better with it.

 Showing off his new “wep”.  Been working on teaching him weapon.

 Showing him how to hit the shield only.

 A picture with Grandma and Grandpa.

 With Mimi and Granddaddy.

 Me, Clint, Grandma, Sandra, Grandpa, Kendra, Mimi, Levi and Granddaddy.

 Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Matt come in late.

 Levi had some fun climbing on Grandpa before we wrapped up for the night.

Kendra’s coworker Jennifer and her daughter were there as well, but I wasn’t sure if they’d want their pictures on here, so I didn’t post any.

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