Since we have a zoo pass we’ve been going quite a bit.  As members we also get to go to the members celebration, where they close the zoo earlier and let members come in.

 We got some cotton candy, which was a big hit.

 And got to check out some animals, here a very big bunny.

 And here’s one of the chimpanzees.

 Levi really likes this exhibit.  Here you can see cotton candy on his face as he grins.

 They also had slides set up for the kids.  He liked that a lot.

 We had to limit how many times we could go.

 One of his favorite things in the zoo is the white alligator (not albino) in the reptile house.

 Levi had fun learning a little about drills with his Uncle Matt.

 For all the worry warts he did have safety glasses on.

 This year we went again to the strawberry fields at Froberg’s farm.

 Levi had lots of fun and we picked a bunch of strawberries.

 This year we did some canning of homemade jams, and they are yummy.  He just had lots of fun being a big kid and doing stuff himself.

 He did a great job only picking the ripe ones.

 And posing with mommy.

 We had three full buckets when we were done.

 I love this shot.

 Later in the month we went back to the zoo. As always we stopped off to check on the sea lions.

 This time we got Levi to crawl through the tunnel in one of the areas.

 He even stopped for a wave.

 And got to touch an iguana, I love how his tongue is sticking out.

 Another favorite, the komodo dragon.

 One of the elephants was moving the hay around to keep it from the others.  They went all over the place.

 A shot of Levi with one of the statues.  I think we got a picture of him next to this a few years ago too.

 Couldn’t quite get up to the mask.

 But someone nearby helped him out.

 Playing in the African pygmy village in the zoo.

 And the drums.

 Saying hi to the chimps again.

 And riding the carousel.

 After the zoo we walked to a place nearby for lunch and stopped for a Geocache on the way.  He liked that.

We had a busy April, there’s more pictures to come, but this is all I had time for now.  I’m also trying to keep the posts from becoming too huge.

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