Strawberry Fields and Biking Forever

We went strawberry picking again this year and had a lot of fun. Here I am with Levi before we start. He’s holding onto Charlie, one of his trains. While we were there he got to watch a real train go by.

We had to work a little to get him picking the right ones, but he did pick a few. We also had some trouble with him squishing them, but that’s okay.
Sometimes we’d just pick them and have him take them to the bucket. He was pretty happy doing that.
Here he is with Kendra as she explains the finer points of strawberry picking to him.
And a nice posed shot

At the beginning of May I rode in the Sam’s Club MS150 in Fort Worth. Its 162 miles on a bike over 2 days. Kendra and Levi went up to visit friends and cheer me on at the end. Here they are waiting for me in downtown Fort Worth.
The finish line.
Here I am after the finish. The camera batteries apparently died as I finished and the switch to the backup wasn’t done in time.
This will probably be my last MS150 for a little while because of how long it takes to train for a two day ride. I’ll probably do big one day century (100 mile) rides instead for a few years.

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