First Fathers Day

This Fathers day is my first as a dad, and I got to go to Austin for it. One of my friends, Stephen, who lives up there had his 30th birthday this week, so we went to visit him. On Thursday night Levi and Kendra gave me my gift since we would be out of town. I got an awesome cookie cake card. In my opinion this is the only type of card you should give a man. Here’s a picture of it with the writing on the left and the cake, already started on the right.

Here’s the other part of my gift. The Complete Far Side. I already have the Complete Calvin and Hobbes, so this goes with it and its a welcome addition.
On Friday night and Saturday morning we hung out with Kendra’s Paw Paw, but she’ll have those pictures on her blog. Saturday afternoon we went to Stephen’s house for a small ice cream party. Here’s Stephen playing with Audrey (dark hair) and Beverly (light hair) and a bunch of Legos. The two little girls and their brother Clay came over with KC, a friend from college and her husband David, who has the same great birthday as me.
Here’s Levi Saturday night hanging out and trying to sit up. He can do it for a little while, but then he gets tired and has trouble with the balance.
Here’s Levi with Stephen and his wife Amy. It was his first time up there to meet them and he had fun. They should be down in our area next weekend too, so its great to get to see them twice in consecutive weeks.

Here’s Stephen holding Levi. He looked pretty comfortable with it, so who knows what the near future may hold.On Sunday morning I woke up to a happy Levi. He’s usually happy in the morning and today he decided to hang out and talk to me. It was nice.
Here’s a video of him just chatting away with me. He’s such a joy, especially when he’s in such a good mood.

In the morning we had breakfast at Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin, which was great, then we stopped at Carinos in Katy on the way home. Two great meals in one day. Add this to Conan’s on Friday night and some good Asian food on Saturday night. I think I gained some weight this weekend.
Here’s Levi when we go home. He was tired, but we decided to put him on his tummy to help him work some stuff out.
Then he lifted up his arm.
Next thing we knew he was on his back. His first time rolling over on his own! We got the second one on the camcorder, but I’ll have to pull it off later. This was a nice treat for my first Fathers day. All in all it was a great weekend.
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  1. Kathryn says:

    I didn’t know you had your own blog!! Cool. Cute pics! Love that Levi rolled over.