Being a father really gives a whole new perspective on life. The word love takes on a whole new meaning. And strangely enough I’m more emotional than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I don’t mean I’m a sobbing mess all the time, but my reaction to things is definitely changed. For example, watching the movie I Am Legend before Levi would have not been the same. When I saw the scene with the helicopter crash and his child it choked me up some. The same with the scene where the dog dies. Weird how that all works.

This also gives me a greater view of the love God has for us. I can’t imagine sending my own son to suffer for others. I love him so much. He’s been sick this week and that is tearing me up. You just want to protect him as much as you can. We he isn’t feeling well it just hurts you inside.

Okay, enough with the introspective, emotional stuff, here’s some cute pictures.

Naptime (slightly out of focus)
Hanging out with dad. It looks like he’s cheering for something. He still has crazy arms. He’s learning to control them though.
I know this one got posted on Kendra’s blog, but this is a different version of it and its such a funny shot. We were goofing off. He actually didn’t seem to mind, but this was right after, and he was trying to figure out what was going on.
Another one Kendra has, but I had to point out his shirt. He’s a smart baby.

Now on to the crazy animals. Its been an interesting week for them. First off, if you’ve never heard of woot!, then you’re missing an interesting store. They sell one item a day, except on rare occasions, about once a month, where they have a woot-off. They sell a limited number of a bunch of items, selling it until they sell out. Then they switch to the next item. Each woot-off they have one special item at the end. It could be a special shirt, it could be a bag-of-crap, which is a bag of random items for $1, or in the case of the last woot-off, it was a woot monkey. This is a monkey with velcro on his hands and elastic arms to use as a slingshot. The best part is the noise. When shot it makes noise like a howler monkey being tortured. Its crazy. It also scares the living daylights out of the three hearing animals in our house. Tyler decided to be obnoxious, so he got to get a monkey on his back. He wasn’t amused.
Tyler apparently has a database of any place we store one of his toys. We had put on of his toys in the cabinet in this picture. He then figured out how to open the cabinet and get the toy out. I then moved it up on top of the cabinet. As you can see here, he figured it out and got up there. Mind you, he wasn’t even there when I hid his toy. He just figured it out.
I tell you, he’s a menace. The worst part is, he’s totally unashamed about it. He knows what he shouldn’t do, but he does it anyways.

And finally, one of the most ridiculous things of the week. Last weekend we were coming home from somewhere when Kendra remarked to me…”There’s a dog on that roof”. I was like, “what?!?!” I looked and saw nothing. I didn’t hear anything. At this point I figured she was delusional from hanging out with a baby too long. Then, after walking around a little I saw him. It was our neighbors dog, Chopper, an American bulldog, who probably weighs 150 pounds or so. Our neighbors leave their windows open a lot, and in the past he has busted out of the screens into both the back and front yards. Well, apparently this week he discovered the roof goes right under their upstairs window. How convenient for him. Not so convenient for our neighbor Christian, who then had to coax him down

It took quite a bit of work, and we had to run to get him some treats to use, but he eventually drug him down. There were a few moments when we though the general stupidity of a bulldog would win and Chopper would fall off the roof, but he didn’t. Several times he stepped into the gutter, and it groaned under his weight, but it held. Of course, being the nice neighbor I am, I took a picture. Christian actually wanted a copy after I took it so he could prove it to his wife and mother-in-law, who are the ones that left the window open against his wishes in the first place.

In the end its been an interesting week. Sick baby and crazy animals. Hopefully Levi will feel better soon and life will get back to normal, at least as normal as it ever is.

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One comment on “Fatherhood
  1. Jodi says:

    Love all the pics! And what the HECK with a dog on a roof?! I would freak.

    Reagan had a blast too at the picnic. You are so sweet to her. She STILL talks about that day… talks about you everytime we play with that ball. 🙂