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Swim Again

We did swim lessons again this year.  Last year Levi was doing really well, but then he didn’t swim over the whole summer, so he regressed a lot. Lessons this time were at a different pool and there were a lot

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We did Easter egg painting again this year at Evey’s house.   I think the attention spans may have been even shorter this year. There were some neat results from the various 3 and 4 year old dyeing techniques. Coloring

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Spring Sprang Sprung

Levi went to his first hockey game.  Popcorn helped him make it.  His attention span isn’t quite ready for hockey.  Here he is with Nana and Paw Paw at the game. We went to Frobergs farm again this year to

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Birthdays, Even 0th Ones

At the zoo with Evey. Riding the merry go round is always popular. Another trip to the zoo drumming on the drums The giraffes decided to walk right up to us.  I could have easily touched it. Playing in the piranha area.

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