Birthdays, Even 0th Ones

At the zoo with Evey.

Riding the merry go round is always popular.

Another trip to the zoo drumming on the drums

The giraffes decided to walk right up to us.  I could have easily touched it.

Playing in the piranha area.

And now for some puns.  Please, bear with me.

 You otter enjoy some of these.

 I’d be lion if I said these weren’t cheese.

 You may want to get in a Jaguar and drive off.

 There’s an ocelot of these jokes.

 If you leave and go to a club watch out for those cougars.

There’s no seal of approval on these, after all, those are sea lions.

A shot of all of us together at Levi’s birthday dinner.
Cake in the making.  That’s strawberry filling, half vanilla half chocolate.
Levi’s birthday cake and cupcakes

Unfortunately Levi’s birthday ended up being the day a front came in. The weather in the morning wasn’t too cool, but then rain came in big and the temperature dropped 20 degrees.  Luckily we had a pavilion rented at the park.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the best weather for playing.

Levi takes a swing at his pinata

Erica takes a shot

Brooklyn at bat

Mason’s turn

Noah’s turn.

Erik takes a shot

Olivia’s turn

Reagan has a go.

Wade has a go.

After everyone took a shot twice Uncle Matt went after it.  Here he is cheating the blind fold.


Everyone ready for cake.

Checking out some of his presents.  He really loves this Disney Adventure book from Reagan and Brooklyn.  It has the story of Hercules, Peter Pan, and two more Disney movies and he loves to read it and look at the pictures.

A map puzzle

Fighting robots.

Back to reading.

Balloons from his party

His new dresser he got around the same time.

Balloons we put hanging about his head level on his door while he was sleeping.

The castle at Olivia’s princess and prince birthday party

The boys got shields and swords.  Levi was excited.

Time to vanquish the dragon.

Home run hitter.  Obviously he’s played some baseball.



Time to bounce.

Levi’s new cousin Wrigley.

In the hospital

Levi’s first time holding a baby.

He wasn’t so sure.

My turn

 The next time they both looked a little worried.

  But he’s going to have to get used to it in October.

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