Spring Sprang Sprung

Levi went to his first hockey game.  Popcorn helped him make it.  His attention span isn’t quite ready for hockey.

 Here he is with Nana and Paw Paw at the game.

We went to Frobergs farm again this year to pick strawberries for canning and eating

 Levi, ready to go.

 Picking some strawberries

 Quick self portrait

 We had a berry good time.

 They have a little play area near their parking lot that we hit afterwards.

Another yearly tradition is the livestock show with Olivia’s family.

 Playing in some corn

 A shot together

 Mommy and Levi

 Ready for the big slide.  Levi was brave and wanted to go all by himself

 He did well until about here.  Notice the placement of his arms.

After the slide.

He recovered and we went for lots more fun.  Merry go round.  This year the kids were old enough to do a lot more of the fair stuff, so we checked it all out.

 After the pig races they got their noses on.

 Then another ride

 In the petting zoo


 Riding the longhorn

 Fair games

 After a while we got pretty good at it.

 Fried S’mores

 His prize we won on the last game we played with the last credits we had.

 Before we were even out of the parking lot.

 This is the results of the slide.  He was trying to slow himself down and ended up getting some rub burns.

Levi loves music.  He enjoys singing and dancing around.  Here he is dancing around and singing to a new song from Imagination Movers.  He’s swinging around some beads like a nunchuck and wearing his Mimi’s headband that he stole as a belt.  I don’t know what his fascination is with belts.

 Levi is doing soccer again this spring.  He understands it better, but keeping him motivated isn’t always easy.

 This is his buddy Stephen.  We went to high school with Stephen’s mom.

We went on a Geocaching day with Nana and Paw Paw one day this spring and had a lot of fun.  Here’s Levi with one he found.
When we were done we hit Dairy Queen.

 On Opening Day for the Astros we went and got some gelato at Piccomolo.  Levi liked it and decided he looked so cool in his Astros gear he needed more sun glasses.

 I went old school with my stuff.

 Levi got some butterflies for Easter (the next post).

 4 of the 5 became butterflies and 3 of them were healthy enough to be released after a week.  Another one has a damaged wing from when it hatched, so he’s stayed with us.

 When we released them they took off immediately.  We didn’t get to plan the release well because we wanted all the kids to see it, but we didn’t want it to be too windy.  Around here that’s a tall order.

 In a non-Levi related note Kendra and I went to Winter Jam this year in Houston.  It was after winter really, but it had one of my favorite bands, Skillet.

There are a lot of bands at Winter Jam.  Some have slow songs and result in the modern version of the lighter held in the air.  The sea of cell phones.

 Here was a unique one for me.  Peter Furler, formerly of the Newsboys with his base guitarist Phil Joel, also formerly of the Newsboys and guitarist Dave from SuperChick.  Interesting mix, but it was good.

 You know a concert has good potential when they have fire jets on the stage.

 That’s two rising stands and a rising and rotating drum stand.  Good stuff.

More still to come, but we’re getting caught up.

BTW, just because a cat acts like he wants to be outside its not always true when he gets his way.

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