Swim Again

We did swim lessons again this year.  Last year Levi was doing really well, but then he didn’t swim over the whole summer, so he regressed a lot.

Lessons this time were at a different pool and there were a lot more kids, parents and teachers.

I think the little girl hanging on the wall there may be Evey, one of Levi’s friends.

 On the sidelines waiting for his turn.  Also here are Will, who did swim lessons with him last year, as well as Wyatt and Gus.

 Levi did not like floating on his back.  Its good practice because it requires so little effort and is helpful if you can’t get out of the water.  He was rigid as a board at one point with one of his legs sticking straight out of the water as she held him.

 Waiting in line with Olivia

 The leap

 And the swim.

 More floating, not his favorite thing.

 He got a Popsicle on the last day.  Guess what color.

 Our neighbor’s had to evict their last tenants, so until this coming Friday we were able to use their pool next door.  Even after his swim lessons it took Levi a little while to warm back up to things.

 He has Toy Story dive toys, but he was using his feet or us to get them off the bottom for most of the time we were swimming.

 Getting him comfortable enough to start playing away from the wall even took a bit.  The crazy thing is this took place the week after swim lessons.

 We eventually got him embroiled in a water gun fight with his granddaddy, so that got him going.

 He also used to love being tossed in the air, but had to warm up to that.

 As we were wrapping up to go grill dinner he finally decided he wanted to go diving.

 The next day he kept going, and even had some new dive toys to try out.  Here’s some rings he got.

 Here he’s holding some missiles he got.

 We had a pool party with our small group last night and had a ton of fun.  Here’s a bunch of shots of the group playing.

 As often happens, water gun fights broke out.  At first it was mostly kids.

 Then the dads got going.

 And here’s a party shot of Levi pointing a gun at the camera.

Hopefully we’ll get to do a lot more swimming this summer.  As it gets hot and Kendra gets more pregnant I’m sure she’s prefer that too.

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