Here’s Thanksgiving.
We had Olivia’s family over with our family for Thanksgiving and we decided to setup a small bouncer we have in the back yard.
Here’s William Enjoying it

Levi passing some toys in.  We actually heard a quote that brings fear into a father.  Olivia whispered to Levi as he was trying to climb into the bouncer with her, “Hurry, before my mom sees you”.  Wow, trouble.

Hanging out playing

Playing in the game room with Mimi and Granddaddy.

Hugging Paw Paw.

Eating dinner together.

Playing on the bouncer.


As has become tradition we went to the Dickinson Festival of Lights.

My little angel.

Hook ’em!

He wasn’t doing the best posing, even after the popcorn bribe.

A good smile I guess.

Not too bad.

We also did the Polar Express train ride on the Texas State Railroad.  Here is Levi in his PJs for the ride at Wendy’s where we ate dinner before hand.

The train.

The cookie didn’t last long.

Checking out the book.

The “chef” for our car.

She signed the books for the kids.

The conductor.

The guys hanging out.

Mommy and Levi.

About to arrive at the “North Pole”

The first glimpse.

Dancing in the train car.

The bell.

After the ride.

Kendra’s company had their party in South Shore Harbour and they had this really cool gingerbread house I had to get a picture of.

Levi’s school had a special chapel where they brought donations for less fortunate kids and sang some Christmas songs.  Here he is with the toy.

Part of the chapel

Next to his buddy Eric.

His friends Berrit and Julie.  I work with Julie’s dad.

Comparing the toys.

His class with the actors.

His class again.

Decorating the tree.

Making a gingerbread train.

Opening his new Leap Pad at Grandma’s house.

Reading his new Llama Llama book.

Playing on the Leap Pad.

Levi, Uncle Matt and my feet.

Levi really liked these new pajamas.

He had to change right away.

Hungry Hungry Hippos.  They have this at his school and he loves it.

Playing the game with Amy, Bob and Uncle Matt.

Open mouth concentration there.

Levi’s new recliner we got him.

The tree all ready to go.


Checking it out.

Trying it out.  He still sits on my chair some, but he doesn’t fit as well with me, so he’s started to use his more.

Setting out his books.

Trying out the new nerf gun.

Laying out all the animals Nana and Paw Paw got him.  They came with his zoo passes.

Playing Wii with his new Levi sized controller.

Happy new year!

More still coming.

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