Flying to Fall

A little bit of summer wrap up and then on into fall.
Here’s Levi hitting the ball in t-ball.

 And a shot of my mom, George, Levi and I on the way out after a game.

I think I’ve posted before that Levi got some running bands from a Woot Bag of Crap at one point.  Here he is wearing them.

 In the grocery store angry at the paparazzi.

 There was a big event on site at Johnson Space Center this summer and we went with Olivia’s family.  Here the two of them are together with big grins.

 And a hug.

 Here’s Olivia’s family, her dad Jesse, mom Ann and brother William.

Here’s the future astronauts earlier that night.

Angry lurker astronaut.

 We also went to Moody Gardens to check out the Aquarium and Rainforest pyramids.

Here we are checking out some fish.

 An area where you can touch some of the animals like star fish.  Levi was not interested.


 We had just watched Rio and then we see the bad guy from Rio at Moody Gardens.

 Being frogs.

 A butterfly in the rainforest pyramid.

 Trying to get it off.

 Checking out the lizards and snakes in their areas.

 Learning about rainforest stuff.

 Oooh, monkey.

 After realizing Levi isn’t a fan of the pace of T-Ball we decided to try out soccer this fall.  He seems to enjoy it and has a lot of friends on the team.

 Good color for him.

What’s that, where’s Levi?  Oh, that’s him with his shirt over his head.

 For National Night out he got his face painted.

 With a blue spider.  He chose the color.

 They had cool slides.

 Kendra took Levi to the mall and he convinced her to get him this cute hat.  One night at soccer practice he wore this half the time.

 He’s also discovered ring pops.  Lets just say he’s a huge fan.

 And he like to show how his tongue changes colors.  Of course sometimes he’s a bit early.

 Playing at home with our neighbor Logan.

 Soccer game.

 Watching another kid playing in the dirt, in the most difficult way.

 Eating cheese balls and watching football. This was a daddy and Levi day.

 This is him in the store when he discovered the cheesy balls.  We made him carry them around if he wanted them.

Working on some painting.  Topless makes life easier.  I suppose that would make painting more of a spectator sport depending on the painter.
The weather here has been crazy.  We get rain so rarely and its normally so hot I don’t think the weather app on Kendra’s phone knew how to handle it when it rained and was cool.  We checked, it wasn’t actually snowing.

 Levi has learned to climb on the slide at Chick Fil A and is now the envy of all the smaller kids.  Of course that’s how he looked at the bigger kids before he learned.

 Balloons!  Its Ballunar fest time at Johnson Space Center.  They have a ton of hot air balloons flying on site and then have events all weekend.  Levi was very excited seeing them all during

 Straight over my head.

 As a final picture check out our new door stop.

If you know who David Crowder*Band is from my previous posts you may have seen the drummer.  Kendra and I went to one of their last concerts recently and they had two Bwacks (the drummer’s nickname).  I think one of their roadies dressed up a little.  Also fun during the concert a speaker caught fire and made for an interesting pyro event.
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