ETBU, Year 10

We recently went up to Marshall for Kendra’s 10 year college reunion.  On the way up Levi asked Kendra for his sun glasses.  She ended up giving him hers.  He thought it was hilarious and we got some pictures.

When we got there we went to a talent show.  Levi wasn’t as happy about that.

There are lots of oak trees on campus, so Levi took up acorn collecting.

Several of Kendra’s friends came up and brought their kids.  here’s Levi with Peyton, Kendalyn, and Josiah.

Waiting for the parade.

Still waiting

Playing with Josiah and his Sister after the parade.

Oooh, candy.

Group shot of all of Kendra’s friends and their kids.

Another shot at the football game later.  Levi is being lifted up in the background.

During the football game I was watching the UT game on a portable TV and Levi was bouncing while Kendra caught up with friends.  It all worked out pretty well and the weather was great.

Later we went to a pizza plays that had a play room.  Levi and Kendalyn played some air hockey.

Then later they ran around some outside the pizza place

The next day we went to Kendra’s friend Michelle’s house to see her horses.

Levi wasn’t so sure.  At first I thought he was going to be like his mommy and afraid of horses.

Then he saw Kendalyn riding Snickers.

And Peyton.

And now he wanted to ride.

And he liked it.

On a date.

Brother keeping an eye out.

Then we drove down Stagecoach road.  This is an old road in essentially the same shape it was in when stage coaches would drive down it.  The road actually wore down and is below ground level.  It is of course said to be haunted.

Levi in his cool shirt.

Here he is in the cape Kendra’s friend made for him.  Super Levi.

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