Grand Canyon

I had a business trip to Phoenix at the beginning of August (a fantastic time to be in such a hot town).  After a week of work Kendra flew into town and we went up to the Grand Canyon and spent the weekend.
This is a few from the road around Sedona.  Its such a beautiful area.  One benefit that Phoenix has is the proximity of some great areas to visit.

Here’s some shots from the Grand Canyon.  Seeing pictures just doesn’t do it justice.  The scale is so massive its hard to comprehend.  The tree in the foreground here is like 15 feet away.  The rock outcropping in the near background is probably half a mile away and the background is probably 3 or more miles away.  That’s just crazy.

Looking out a window (hence the distortion) at the grand canyon. The top of the rim at its closest point from this picture location is about 8 miles away.

Kendra on an outcropping.

Self portrait.

We got someone to take a shot.  The gorge next to Kendra is part of the trail that can be hiked.  I would love to hike from rim to rim some day.

Taking a break.

I love how well all the layers show up.

A cave randomly out there.  Makes me want to explore more.

Another self shot.

The beginning of the trail from the south rim.

A hotel that is on the rim.  We ate lunch at their restaurant.

Another shot of the hotel.  Great location.

Here’s a shot for scale.  This is from the distance.  If you look really close you can see the picture below.

This is actually zoomed in on the last picture.

If you look at the red box on this picture that’s where the previous picture is zoomed to.  Crazy scale.

Living on the edge.

And rocking it.

The Colorado river far down below.

Moving towards sunset.  You can see the forest fires in the background making it hazy.

The sunset makes for some great coloring.  I love this shot.

More pictures are coming of course.
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