Last year we didn’t do a lot of swimming with Levi, even though the year before we had taken him to swim lessons.  This year we’re regretting it, as he isn’t doing as well transitioning to the water. 

We’re getting him back used to it, but he goes crazy when you try to get him to float on his back or be more on his own.

 He has started jumping off the side of the pool pretty well.

 By the end of the day he was even going under a little after he jumped and not freaking out.

 We’ll just have to keep going and I’m sure he’ll get there.


 He is getting better about the kicking, not as much on the paddling with his hands.

 Levi taking a break with Granddaddy.


 Jumping in the deep end with me.

 Group shot

 Different lighting

 Getting tossed into the air.  He loved that.

 At first he expected to hold our hands when he jumped.  Now he will do it on his own.

Now some videos.

All of these shots were taken with our new Kodak Playshoot Zx3 camera.  Its waterproof and works really well.  I wish we’d had this when we went on our cruise.  We were supposed to go on another cruise this summer, but the plans got mixed up, so that’s out.  We’ll just have to find other ways to use it, like playing in the water closer to home.

Also, for anyone who wants pictures to print out you’ll just have to wait.  I don’t upload the pictures to Walgreens immediately and calling to ask for it won’t speed up the process.

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