Water Play

Playing in the water in Texas during the summer is always fun.  When its as hot as it gets here for as long as it gets that way its the only way to be outside sometimes.
Here’s Levi playing in his little pool using a foam bat to splash in the water.

 He enjoyed himself.

 A lot.

 We also took a slide from another pool and put it on this one.

Shoveling some water.

 Playing with my old super soaker water gun.  That’s an old water gun.

 Playing with a new sprinkler toy.

 Playing with a sprinkler back when we were still allowed to water.  After over 100 days of no rain we had quite a drought.  Recently its started raining again thankfully.

 Playing in the neighbor’s pool.

 Shot with our water camera.  Levi has started diving his head under the water some, which is good to see.

 Jumping into the water with Paw Paw.

 Will and Nathaniel in the pool.

 Reagan swimming with her floaties.

 Brooklyn doing the same.

Levi jumping in the water with Paw Paw and Nathaniel hanging out in the water with Will.

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