Falling Behind Instead of Springing Forward

Looks like I’m getting behind again on pictures.
Here’s a shot of Levi and I at the zoo walking.  We were visiting for his friend Olivia’s birthday.

 Here’s the birthday girl.

 They had little games to play, like bean bag tossing.

 And velcro ball tossing.

 And noise makers, which are the blurs in his hands.

 And of course safari hats.

 And cake

 Then there was a carousel ride, which all the kids enjoyed.

 Then there was supposed to be giraffe feeding.

 But the giraffes weren’t feeling it and all left.

 So we checked out the Chimps.  They walked right up to the window.

 Later we checked out the Komodo dragons.  Good stuff.

 He really likes them.

 We have more space at the new place our church is meeting.  One benefit of this is more space to play.  We have giant parachutes that we’re working into the lessons and playing with.

 The kids really like it.

 On the day before my birthday my favorite author, Patrick Rothfuss, came into town for a book signing.  His new book had just came out and I was ready for it.

 On one of his tour stops there were few enough people that everyone got to get together and take a funny picture.  There were WAY too many for that this time, but we decided to do the funny picture anyways.

Way back when Levi won a contest on Pat’s blog.  This book that just came out is the one being referred to.  There is going to be a new contest with the new book, so I’ll have to see if I can get Levi to do some more pictures.

Lots more photos coming.  We went to the rodeo, and kendra and I went on a cruise, so there’s much to talk about.

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