Ro-dey-o Time

We did our yearly Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo trip on St.Patrick’s Day this year.
Levi and Olivia brought along their parents and Olivia’s little brother William.

 Here’s Levi in his cool Shamrock ‘n’ Roll shirt.

 They had a little market the kids can go through and “grow” or “harvest” plants and then sell them for fake money they could use for a treat at the end.

 And of course a few cutouts to play with.

 Fake sheep for wool.

 Fake cows to milk.

 Real John Deere equipment to climb.

 Then on to the petting zoo.  Here feeding a llama, no red pajamas.

 Chickens, baby goats and wallabies.

 You can get food in a cone to feed the animals.  The rake in the background is someone taking care of the food after the animal is done with it.

 Olivia and Ann feeding a goat.

 Levi petting a baby goat.

 And a llama

 Some of the food was interesting.  Its a pulled port Sunday.  That’s mashed potatoes on top with gravy.

 Fried meatballs.  So delicious.

 And every year we get a Longhorn picture.  This year Olivia joined in.

 Hook ’em!

 Watching the pig races.

 Fried Oreos!

 Levi passed out while we were in line for the fried Oreos.

 We ate ours anyways.

And he got his when he woke up.

Once again we had a good time.
More pictures coming soon.
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