End of Year Blowout

December was a busy month for our house with lots of grandparents in town.  We started out the month by doing some decorating.  Levi got his own tree in his room this year, which he loved.  Here we are checking out the battery powered LED lights.

 And decorating the tree.

 Little plastic ornaments for him.

 We also did some baking together.  Levi loves to help and to use the mixer.  Here his is in his fancy apron and not much more.  He’s our little naked chef.  Undies only.

 Kendra’s company has a great Christmas party each year.  We get all dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner.  This year was in Galveston and was a casino theme.  It was lots of un.

Kendra’s mom works for the same company, so we took a picture together.

 Some good friends Brian and Ann-Marie also come.

 We also hosted a holiday dinner with our small group from church at our house.  Here’s Reagan playing queen of the mountain on Levi’s play set.  He’s on his way up.

 And then down the slide.

 Here’s the whole group.  Seated is Jodi, Reagan, Natalie, Will and Nathaniel.  Standing is David, Brooklyn, Levi, Myself (Robert), Kinsey and Kendra.

 Here we are cooking again.  Clothes this time.

 We went to Dickinson’s Wonderland of Lights again this year.  We went with Levi’s Nana and Paw Paw.  They got him this fancy light up spinning thing.

 He couldn’t take his eyes off it.

 Here they are together.

 And Levi with his mommy and daddy.

 And a shot we reproduce every year.

 And again with Nana and Paw Paw.

There was also an eclipse this year, so I played with the camera.  It was nice and clear to start with.

 By the end it was a bit cloudy, so the long exposures got a bit blurred by clouds that moved by.

Levi had lots of fun opening presents.  Here he is at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

 He got a cool Toy Story 3 book with his name in it that he is reading here.

 He had fun hanging out with Grandpa on the recliner.

 At our house he got a really cool book from his Uncle Larry and Aunt Sallie.  He loves the pop out dinosaur book and we read it relatively often.  Dinosaurs are an automatic win, and when they pop out they’re even better.

 Here he is checking out the front.

  We had Christmas Eve dinner at Kendra’s mom’s house.  I went to get a soda from the fridge and it slid sideways off the pile of sodas when my hand slipped on the condensation.

 Jennifer’s pie did not fair well in the ensuing impact.  It was still good.

 Later we opened presents again.  Levi liked the Scentsy stuff, he loves smelling them.

 He wanted to help everyone.

The tree was all decorated and loaded up.

 Levi got a frog you scrape to make a noise from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jennifer.

 This is a great book called The Aliens are Coming.

 This is my new awesome corndog maker.

 And Levi’s new Toy Story 3 Duplos.

 He’s excited about them.

 Later we played with Duplos in the living room.

 And took a family shot.

 Then a bit more play time after bath.

 The next day at home on Christmas our tree was ready to go.

 With all sorts of new stuff.

 Another dinosaur book.  This time with Dinosaur Train, a PBS show.

 A new Thomas the train set addition.  A crane!

 Setting it up with the set.

Later on Nana and Paw Paw came by to open presents.

 And watch videos on the phone.

 Nana also came over for dinner and Levi showed her his cool new Super Duper Computer from Super Why on PBS.

 This was taken as we wrapped up the year at the Dougherty’s house for New Years Eve.  Levi started out with us and then headed out to party with Mimi and Granddaddy.


That wraps up 2010, so Happy New Year and I’ll catch up more coming up.

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