Animals with Evey

For Christmas we got a Zoo Pass from Nana and Paw Paw.  During our holiday vacation time we decided to go to the Zoo and start using the pass.  With the pass we can also get in friends, so we invited John, Kristen and Evey to come with us.

Here’s Levi checking out some Meercats right after we arrived.

 No, that bear isn’t dead, I think it just preferred the idea of hibernating to doing anything else.

 Evey was trying to hop her way through the crowd with parental assist.

 Levi had a little fun in the play area they added in the new African Forest section at the zoo.  The African Forest by the way is way over hyped and small.  It only has like 3 animal enclosures and wastes a lot of space.  I was disappointed.

 Levi brought his wagon with him and Evey rode along.

 Here’s Levi checking out the African Forest brochure while Evey takes a drink.

 Oooh, chimpanzees.

 The carousel was a big hit.  We get half price tickets with the pass, which was cool too.

 Evey looks serious because she’s busy taking it all in.

 I think Levi was busy making noise, hence his expression.

 Levi the Lion tamer.

 A smile from Kristen and Evey.

 Taking a break after a busy morning.

 Levi was ready to get going, he was getting rowdy.

 But the train ride in Hermann park calmed him down.

 At least for a bit.

 Self portrait.

 Shot assist from the people behind us.

 The train!

 In the park you can get on the train at various spots.  I thought it was funny when this group in the front got on.  There was only one row available, so all 5 of them got on.  These were not small people.

 This last week was Evey’s 2nd birthday.  She was born almost a year after Levi exactly.  For her party there was a petting zoo and pony rides.

Levi was not afraid of the animals.  here he is with a baby goat.

 And terrorizing some bunnies.

 And riding the smaller pony, Soldier Boy.

 He did a good job and was an example for some of the other kids that were more worried.  He wasn’t so sure about the larger pony, Paul, though.  I finally told him Paul was taller and had longer legs so he could go faster.  That did it.  Never mind the fact that the handler was walking the ponies at the same speed.

 Here’s Evey, Gus and Levi watching the 3 week old goat get some milk.

It was a fun time, and everyone was tired afterward.  Another post will be coming soon.

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