Almost Christmas

Levi got some gingerbread cookies to decorate from one of his grandparents and left some at our house. We decided to spend some time decorating with him and had a lot of fun. You can see he already took a bite out.
He really enjoyed himself.
This is the one I made. He’s a white trash gingerbread man in a wife beater and socks. He’s about to be on Cops.
Here he is after picking a fight with the cops.
And now with his hands cuffed behind his back. I figured I’d have fun with the cookies too.
Levi had a lot of fun with the Christmas tree. We got him the ornaments for this year and he like putting them on. Our hardest battle has been getting him to leave them on.
Here we are about to go to Festival of Lights in Dickinson. Its a great free display in town.
Levi had a lot of fun there. We met his girlfriend Olivia’s family at Chilis and then headed down there.

Here we are all together in one of the light tunnels.
And then we entered hyper space.
Then we got a good shot of Olivia and her family. Levi is so funny. He will answer “nibia” when you ask who his girlfriend is. Then he says her parents names. He’s so cute.
While we were there Levi’s Mimi and Granddaddy came to check things out too.
Levi did pretty well with Santa. He didn’t want to be left alone, but was okay with being on Mommy’s lap. Olivia was not having any of it. She didn’t know who that guy was and didn’t want anything to do with him.
They have a big castle of lights set up for taking pictures. Levi and Olivia were dancing around in it.
Then we headed to see the best lights, the Longhorn ones.
Very nice.
We also went to a YMCA ornament making thing with Grandma and Grandpa. Levi wasn’t so sure about this guy, but we got a few shots. One of our friends has a great shot of Santa looking unhappy while her daughter screams on his lap. Of course his look here isn’t very happy either. What can I say, it was free.
We went to Kendra’s company Christmas party too, as one of our few excuses to get dressed up.
Here we are with our friends Brian and Ann-Marie. Levi knows their names too. And he remembers their new baby, “Becca”. He can’t quite get Rebecca down.
Our neighbors have two girls that are 6 and 8. Levi always asks about them and wants to play with them. One day one of them was on her scooter and decided to let him try it out. He was very happy about this idea.
He had a lot of fun on the scooter.
Levi really enjoyed the scooter a lot, though he can’t do it alone.

Here he is posing with both of the girls.

Here he is blown away by a bright flash, while wearing a cute sweater.
Here we are chillaxing later.
And here he is making some Christmas gifts for family. He really liked doing this.
He used brushes, and fingers.
Each one he made had a hand print and his name.

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