Look with your Eyes

Levi has been great with our Christmas tree now that it has been up for a little bit.  We have been saying “look with your eyes and not with your hands” quite a bit.  One night I told him that and he literally walked up to the tree put the ornament right up to his face and was looking at it with his eyes.  Too funny!
We also got Levi a Little People Nativity set last year after Christmas.  I wanted one last year but couldn’t spend the money.  I went to Mardel’s after Christmas and found one for 75% off!  Let me tell you, it is some of the best money I have ever spent.  I would pay full price if I had known how much he would enjoy it.  He loves carrying Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus around.  He knows that Mary rode on a donkey, Jesus was born in a manger, the angel Gabriel and the Sheppard’s.  Seems like every time I ask him questions, he knows more and more.
Levi also knows the song Jingle Bells.  He says “Hey” in the right spots and he knows the laughing all the way part.  He loves music and loves dancing.  We are looking forward to starting music classes in January at a church in Pasadena.
He and his friend Olivia recently went to the Festival of Lights in Galveston and Dickinson.  They have so much fun together and really enjoy seeing each other.  We have video of them dancing that I’ll try to post.  This weekend we are hoping to go ride a train at a local church to see more lights.  He loves turning ours all on and looking at lights as we drive.  He will say “ohhh pretty lights” when we see them.
He also got to see St. Nick this last weekend.  He didn’t cry but he didn’t want put down by himself so Mommy got to see St. Nick too.  That’s ok, we got some cute pictures so that makes me happy.
I promise to get pictures up here again soon.  Things have been so busy recently and we have been having a great time celebrating the Christmas season.  Make sure to check out Robert’s blog for lots of recent updates.
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