Here’s Levi trying on the hat from his costume. It will be the only time you’ll likely see it on him, since he isn’t fond of wearing things on his head.
Its really cute, and would be great with his costume… if he’d wear it.
We went to Ballunar fest on Friday with some friends and Kendra’s dad and step-mom. Here’s a wide shot of all the balloons lit up.
And here’s Levi, the future astronaut.
And his crew mate Olivia.
And the best balloon, the Texas one.
Here’s everyone but me. Taking the photos has its benefits.
Levi is pointing at balloons.
The giant energizer bunny.
Levi was captivated.
Here we are with some balloons.
And Ann, Jesse and Olivia.
And Tim, Rhonda and Levi. It was Rhonda’s birthday too.
When bunnies attack. Actually, he’s deflating, but it sure looked like an attack.
Olivia was having fun watching.
Levi had other plans.
Kendra checked his ID and kicked him out.
Levi with his bunny ears.
Olivia with hers.

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