Rodeo time!!

We went to the Rodeo today with Olivia and her Mom, Ann. We had a great time despite to wet, cold weather that suddenly popped up!

Here are the kids checking out the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo mascot.

Olivia and Ann enjoying some food and a break. We found a nice area to sit and eat. Food pictures will be coming soon. Let’s just say that there was some super yummy fried food eaten!
Levi and I were checking out the bunnies.

And the baby chickens…

Waiting in line to see the new animals that had been born this week.

They had a photo place where you could get your picture taken with a Longhorn. Of course Robert wanted one.
Levi wasn’t so sure up on top of it.

This is a new thing Levi has started doing. So cute!

Levi gives hugs now when you ask. It is one of the best things ever!

My 2 favorite guys!
Hanging out in the strollers. Like I said, the weather got pretty cold so we had to bundle up.
They had a petting zoo that we went to first. I am so glad we did because it got pretty crowded right after we left. Levi took a little while to warm up to the animals but eventually he liked them.

This was after lunch. He didn’t get a morning nap and crashed for about an hour. He had a lot of fun seeing all the new things.

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