Big week!

Levi has had a huge week. Monday was his 1st birthday, Wednesday he walked, and Friday he got to ride facing forward in the car for the fist time!

We went to Chick Fila on Monday for dinner to celebrate his actual birthday. I think he could eat there everyday if we would let him.

He took his steps on Wednesday the 11th. Of course I was at church that night but I got him to walk on Thursday. He takes 3-4 steps and then gets down to crawl. He will be off and running at anytime.

He went for his 12 month check up yesterday and weighs 20 lb. 9 oz. He is also 30 3/4 inches long/tall. He is a tall, thin boy. The dr. isn’t concerned though. He got to ride facing forward today. I think he liked it but it was kind of hard to tell.

We have had a fun week. Tomorrow we go to his friend Erik’s 1st birthday. Should be lots of fun.

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