More feeding and medicine

We’ve still been working on getting Levi to eat cereal. Today we decided to add a little baby food applesauce to it. We hoped this would help lessen the weird smell and taste of the rice cereal. Here he is looking at me like I’m crazy. “Wait, you want to do that again? Didn’t I tell you no yesterday?”
“Hey, cut it out!”
Here he is after spitting some of it out.
Every time the spoon gets close to its mouth he shuts it or sticks his tongue out.
But in the end he ate a lot of it. There was easily four times this much food at the start, so he did a good job. At one point we gave him just straight applesauce to see how he did. He seemed to like it but he made quite a funny face with it. I think he found it a bit tart compared to mommy’s milk.
After a while he was getting a bit ticked off.
And fussy.
Then he just got angry.

Later, while we were eating he leaned to the side and got quiet. Then he gripped the high chair. Then his face got red… Then I got to change a diaper. Thanks kid.

Levi has been sick this last week and a half. He has been doing breathing treatments since last Thursday. He starts out liking them and playing with the mask. Later he gets a little agitated and starts fussing, but he’s been a trouper. On his follow up visit he had an ear infection, so now he’s taking antibiotics. Poor little dude.

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