Fun times with Friends!

Levi had a pretty busy weekend. Friday we went bowling with my company. Brian and Ann-Marie were on our lane with us along with Granny, Grandad and Ms. Jennifer. Here are some pictures. Ms. Kelly is the other person holding Levi.

Levi also went swimming today at Mrs. Kristen and Mr. Johns pool. We go to their house on Sundays for swimming and cookouts. Levi really enjoyed his time in the pool. Yes we watched him carefully and kept him in the shade.

Since Levi is able to sit up a bit better, we have been able to try new toys out and get some cute pictures of him. Here is one of him and me on the couch one afternoon. We were laying down together and he got tired of that so that’s why I look kind of weird. You can see how blue his eyes are.

We also got to break out the Intellitainer that the Rajaji’s let us borrow. He liked it a lot and will like it more when he is even bigger.
Our friend David (Jodi’s husband) was the Lead Spacewalk Officer for STS-124 and he had to speak during the press conference after each EVA. We were able to catch one of them so we took a picture of him on TV. It isn’t the best shot of him but it was the best we got. He did an excellent job and we are proud of how hard he works!

Here is a video of Levi’s 1st swimming day.

Have a great week! Check out Robert’s blog for different pictures.

Kendra, Levi and Robert.

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  1. Jodi says:

    Greatness! Love the swimming pics…He is such a doll!

    And so is my husband, matter of fact! 🙂 Thanks for his shout out. I saved that pic to my computer… I took some too, but none with his name on the screen. 🙂