3 Month Pictures

We just got the email with the small size pictures from our latest portraits. These are Levi’s 3 month portraits, taken when he was 3.5 months old. We had a busy month and that was the earliest we could make it in.

This is a cute one of him laying down. We had to work quite a bit with him to calm him down. He wasn’t feeling portraity at the start.

Here’s a closer shot of him smiling some. Its so hard to catch a baby smiling sometimes. He doesn’t smile for long when there’s a camera around, he gets distracted by the camera itself.
Here you can see his onesie with his name on it. This was a gift he got before he was even born from Kendra’s friend Misty if I remember correctly.
This is his best shirt so far. If you can’t read it the shirt says “My First Longhorns Tee”. And it is. Its very hard to find Longhorns stuff for babies this time of year. Apparently the fools that order clothes for children assume that the Longhorns, and other college teams, only exist during football season. Now while football is glorious we do have other teams. Our basketball team made it to the tournament this year, and our baseball team, though it was just eliminated from the regionals, is still the Big 12 Tournament Champion. So they need to start selling more college team gear… for boys. That’s a whole rant right there…
Here’s the whole family with a great big grin from Levi. He was happier by this point and the camera lady did a good job getting his attention. She has a kid a little older than Levi, so that helped.

Here’s the last one, with him back in his Levi shirt. The family all together looking cool in blue.

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