Levi is growing up, getting new things figured out all the time. He knows about his hands and feet now. Here he is checking out his feet and his hands. He’s in his froggy outfit, which he wore to an event for geocaching. The mascot for geocaching is a frog, so it was fitting.
Here’s those really cool shoes he wore.
Here he is with another geocaching baby that was born not long before Levi.
I love this outfit. Anything with a moose on it is awesome.
He’s a pirate fan. Arrrrgh.
He can’t exactly guide the hands very well, but they do make it to his mouth well. And of course if you put two rattles in his hands they go to his mouth instead. He’s gotten to where he can grab the rattles on his own sometimes.
He’s holding up his head pretty well, though it doesn’t always stay up. Here he is sitting up in his bumbo seat.

I’m throwing in a random animal shot just cause its funy. Tyler aways wants to get in the dog houses. This time he got himself locked in with the dog.

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