16 weeks tomorrow

The doctor appointment on Friday went well. We got to hear the heartbeat again and on Tuesday we call and schedule the next ultrasound for 3 weeks away. I’m hoping for the week of September 17th.

We have been busy this weekend around the house again. We worked in the garage on Saturday and actually have room to walk easily in there! Today Robert hung a shelf in the laundry room and I organized the room. The kitty is confused because it is much more organized in there now. This evening my Mom and Charlie are coming over to bring the crib and help Robert move a dresser to the garage. We are also going to be celebrating Charlie’s birthday. I made him a Lemon White Chocolate cake. It looks really tasty!

Well sorry for the boring posts. It helps me sort things out and see that we are actually getting things accomplished. I don’t really have any pictures to post yet either.

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